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Harmony Ortiz is a Reno, Nevada native. Currently married to Juice Ortiz, the recently appointed Secretary of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Reno Charter.

  • ...that Donna Winston's maiden name was Lerner?
  • ...that Juice Ortiz actually has a degree for ITT in computers and achieved a 4.0 Grade average?
  • ...that Harley Kozik has an entire closet dedicated to her increasing number of shoes?
  • ...that Simi James has a tattoo of a Cheshire Cat upon her ankle?
  • ...that Mona Hunter is an expert marksman?
  • ...that Cole Walker finished as his High School's Defensive Player of the Year during 1996?
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Reno has seen a flood of new faces arrive! The Unholy One of Salt Lake City, James Copeland decides that his future is now in Reno with the boys of SAMREN. Nomad Trey Coulter finally finds his way into Reno and takes a stay with the SAMREN boys. Simi James's mother Anna makes a surprise appearance in Tacoma. Haley Adams a dancer is looking to make her mark in the lights of Nevada's smaller Sin City. Owen Green of SAMTAC also begins to make waves that are felt across the SAMREN family.

Savannah brought her son Jake to finally meet the boy's father, Jesse as the small family unit tried to heal some of the family's wounds. However joy is short lived as Savannah is rushed to hospital following a car accident. Meanwhile Cole finally snaps and takes his anger out at the one person he never wanted to hurt. Simi. Falling into a dark spiral, it is only because of the love of his woman that Cole doesn't disappear altogether. Elsewhere the ATF Agent Joe Connors and Lily Ryan seem to be getting closer and closer. Love and War baby, Love and War.

Clay is dead. Jax is in Charming. Opie is now President of SAMREN. It's all change for the Sons of Anarchy of Reno, as things are set into motion, Gambling Dens, Fight Clubs, Prospects and new Patches. Better hold onto your hats boys and girls, things just got interesting.

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