Owen Green
Nickname "Jr", green reaper
Home Town Tacoma, WA
Age 38 years old
Status alive
Occupation boxer
Residence Tacoma, WA
Relationship Status single
Family Mona Hunter (cousin) Mark Green (father)
Physical Description
Gender male
Hair none. but originally brunette
Eyes grey-esque
Face Claim jason stratham
Faction(s) SAMTAC
Former Faction(s)
Rank Road Captain
Employer(s) SAMTAC, SAMREN

Owen Green is from Tacoma, WA and the smartarsed cousin of Mona Hunter. When he's not mapping paths, he's duking things out in the ring to give back to the 'family' who raised him and who take up most of his time.

General DescriptionEdit

Owen is a strange one. To put it simply.

He's brash, he's blunt and he's just a little bit of a smartarse.
Okay, a lot of a smartarse. He finds it sorta funny being the annoying guy who tells it exactly how it is no matter how bad, or the one who doesn't rise to the mik takes when he screws up.

He's a protective guy. Family is a huge part of his life, his dad being one of the only folk who he still takes orders from like a kid however he knows his place in the Tacoma charter well. His cousin Mona is pretty much his little sister and he treats her as such, even if trying to keep her out of trouble drives him up the wall like telling a dog not to bark.

Over the years, Owen has earned the club a fair cut out of his boxing. He gets a smaller pay check out of it but about 60% goes to the club bank on his dad's orders. He's a skilled fighter able to let the aggression go once he's out the ring unless it's called on. He's a clean fighter 99% of the time but he's not above a semi-dirty jab to annoy his opponent into making a mistake.

He was raised around the club, the son of a patch chaser who left town when she realised giving Owen's dad a son still wouldn't make her an old lady. He's been told little things about her and his aunt over the years, not much good but all honest, till he finally met his cousin one christmas many years ago.
Since then, they grew to more like siblings than cousins - sharing vague common interests like boxing and guns as they got older. Owen was a big bike fan, but unlike Mona he didn't go down the path of becoming a mechanic. Mona was a big fan of boxing, and did quite well in and out of her army training, but didn't get into it as seriously as Owen did.

He has no plans to leave the life and prides himself on his honesty and laid back nature.